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Identifying Skills Leads to Careers in MEFA Pathway

Within MEFA Pathway, students can take a skills assessments and use the results to build a resume and explore potential future careers that their skills would be a good match for.
Student identifying career skills in MEFA Pathway

Within MEFA Pathway, our free college and career planning tool, students can explore their options for after high school. This resource allows them to drive their own post-secondary plans by connecting their interests and talents to future opportunities. It is especially important for students to use MEFA Pathway to identify the skills they possess that transfer to employment, as doing so will help prepare them for a suitable career path.

Students may not even realize that they have been developing skills throughout their lives, both inside and outside of school, and that those skills can translate to helping build the foundation for a particular career. In MEFA Pathway, students can pinpoint their skills by taking the Skills Assessment, in which they rate their current level of experience for 32 skills. They can then apply their results to the career search page to generate an applicable list of careers to explore further.    


Students can also add the skills they identified as their own to their MEFA Pathway Profile. This allows the student the option to include these skills on a resume they create within the tool.


Additionally, the Now Trending feature within MEFA Pathway's Investigate Your Future page highlights current careers and skills in demand, based upon U.S. location and career category.  Skills that students have added to their Skills & Strengths tab within their Profile will be highlighted in Now Trending if they are in the top 10 requirements. Students can also view the skills that they would need to develop or sharpen in order to be suited for a specific career category.

Now Trending

These activities just scratch the surface of what MEFA Pathway has to offer.  MEFA Pathway is a comprehensive, fun, and engaging web portal that supports students no matter what their post-secondary plan might entail. Starting in grade 6, students can start building the foundation of a solid plan preparing them for career readiness and success.

Students can easily create an account by visiting and clicking I am a Student and then Register Here. Let the discovery begin!

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