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Computer Science Majors Draw Top Salaries

As the demand for workers with computer science expertise continues to grow, Jenny Caccavale from the College Board shares her thoughts on how students can prepare for STEM-related college courses, such as taking Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles, and we provide a list of STEM scholarship opportunities.
Woman using laptop at her deskMost of us have heard about STEM, the acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and its rise in importance and interest over the past few decades. Its relevance and popularity continues to grow as the world evolves, and that’s news that college-bound students should certainly take note of as they plan for their future. We spoke with Jenny Caccavale at the College Board about her thoughts on STEM-related coursework and employment opportunities, and what she’s noticed through student enrollment in the College Board’s AP Computer Science class. Here she is in her own words:

“It won’t be long before high school seniors headed to college this fall will need to select a major, if they haven’t already. And students would be wise to consider a degree in computer science, or a related STEM field. There’s high demand—and top salaries—for workers with computer science expertise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science and information technology made up nearly half of the 8.6 million STEM jobs in 2015. And a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers report shows engineering and computer science were the two highest-earning majors, with computer science graduates projected to earn more than $66,000 annually.

Younger high school students can prepare by enrolling in any STEM-related courses offered by their high school. A record number of high school students are taking a new Advanced Placement course in computer science, which is helping them prepare for today’s job market. Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) is a new, unique introductory computer science course that has been embraced by students and educators. AP CSP focuses on creativity, ideas, and new ways of thinking. It’s anchored in collaboration and the use of technology to solve challenges that students and teachers identify in their lives and communities. The course teaches programming and other aspects of computing, but students don’t need previous coding experience. If you’re a parent of a high school student interested in computer science, encourage your high school to consider adding this course to the curriculum.”

Based on the information that Jenny shared above, we thought it might be helpful to share some scholarships for college students studying a STEM discipline. Here are 3 with upcoming deadlines, along with some bonus opportunities from Fastweb.

Women Forward in Technology Scholarship

How to Apply: Submit the application, including an essay professing how you hope to contribute to the advancement of women in technology.

Eligibility: Must be accepted into or currently enrolled full time at an accredited university in the US in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) field.

Prize: $3,000

Deadline: June 15, 2018


Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship

How to Apply: Submit the completed application with a copy of your resume and transcript

Eligibility: Women in college who have finished at least one academic year in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) field (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors)

Prize: $10,000

Deadline: July 1, 2018


Virtix IT STEM Studies Scholarship

How to Apply: Submit your name, high school name, and birthday to receive an application

Eligibility: College-bound high school seniors with an interest in pursuing a STEM education

Prize: $1,500

Deadline: August 1, 2018


Masergy STEM Scholarship

How to Apply: Submit an official academic (high school or college) transcript and a 500-word essay describing an innovation you have produced.

Eligibility: Any student planning to attend or currently attending a four-year accredited university in the United States with a major in a STEM field

Prize: $5,000

Deadline: August 17, 2018


Fastweb’s STEM-Field Scholarships & Internships

Fastweb put together a list of opportunities for students planning to study (or already enrolled in) a STEM-related field


Jenny Caccavale, College and Career Expert, College BoardJenny Caccavale joined the College Board in 2012 and supports districts in Massachusetts and Vermont in reaching their college and career readiness goals.  Prior to joining the College Board, Jenny was the director of college counseling at a high school in Massachusetts and previously was a Teach for America Corps member in Washington, D.C.

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