Accepted Student Days: Why They're Important in the College Decision

I spend a good deal of time talking to families about the final college decision. My advice is always the same: Attend Accepted Student Days/Open Houses
A family moving their student into college

During the month of April, I spend a good deal of time talking to families about making that final college decision. My advice is always the same: Attend the Accepted Student Days or Open House programs offered by colleges in the month of April!

Colleges today are much more than a group of buildings or an athletic team. They are a place for students to expand their knowledge, nurture their interests, make friends, and build a network that will last a lifetime.

April is college decision month, and if your child has been accepted to more than one college, it is your turn to be selective. Deciding which college to attend is about making sure that the fit is right and that your child will feel comfortable for at least the next four years.

Accepted Student Days allow the college to showcase all that is unique and wonderful about the institution and, more importantly, allow the student to weigh various aspects of the college in the decision-making process that might not be apparent from a college brochure or website. Listed below is a quick list of considerations for students and families as they attend these programs and work their way toward the final decision:

  • What academic majors and course offerings are available? Are there opportunities for the student to explore academic offerings both within and outside of a major if the student is undecided?
  • What is the setting and size of the college? Is it too big or too small or just right?
  • How far is the college from home? Is that a consideration in terms of travel and expense?
  • Are activities offered that will allow the student to continue his or her passions or find a new hobby or interest in which to become involved?
  • Does the college have internship opportunities? How can the student take advantage of them?
  • Is there the possibility to study abroad?
  • Has the family determined that this college is an affordable option? If the student has received financial aid, does the family understand it all or is it worth visiting the financial aid office while on campus?

Deciding on a college can be a tough decision, but by taking the time to visit the college and ask the right questions, the outcome can be great!