College Planning in a COVID-19 World

Ideas include exploring MEFA Pathway, researching colleges online, engaging with admissions representatives, attending a MEFA webinar, visiting a campus virtually, writing your essay, prepping for AP exams, and searching for scholarships. Read More

Finding Scholarships with MEFA Pathway

Learn what MEFA Pathway is, what sets it apart from other online scholarship platforms, what kind of scholarships you can search for, and how to get started.  Read More

To Take an AP Class or Not to Take an AP Class…That is the Question

Learn about AP classes, the courses that are offered, common requirements to enroll, taking the AP exam, how college admissions offices view the courses, and the workload associated with the courses. Read More

Early and Rolling and Regular…Oh My! Breaking Down the Different College Application Processes

Learn what it means to apply Early Decision (ED), Early Decision II, Early Action (EA), Restrictive Early Action (REA), Single Choice Early Action (SCEA), Rolling Admission, and Regular Decision.  Read More

Scholarships with May Deadlines

Scholarships include ACF Visionary Scholarship, Tiger Chef Culinary and Hospitality Program Scholarship, Mobile Application Development Scholarship, Philosophy Scholarship, Cottage Inn Pizza Scholarship, and The Hubertus W.V. Willems Scholarship.  Read More

Finding Scholarships with Going Merry

Learn what Going Merry is, how it got started, what sets it apart from other online scholarship platforms, how students apply for scholarships, and who has previously won.  Read More

The Reason Not to Double Deposit

This practice is unethical because it’s deceitful, it’s unfair to the college, and it’s unfair to other applicants, especially those who are on the waitlist.  Read More


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