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MEFA's U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program helps you stay ahead of rising college costs by letting you “prepay” tuition and fees at 80 participating Massachusetts colleges and universities. You can prepay up to 100% of a child’s future college tuition at today’s rates, even though that child may not attend college for another 18 years. 


For full details on saving in the U.Plan, download our Informational Brochure. 


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The U.Plan Made Simple
Got 2 minutes? Watch our quick illustration on how the U.Plan works.
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Uplan Revealed 

The U.Plan Revealed
Join Angelina Mancini, our MEFA U.Plan expert, as she explains the U.Plan basics.
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Uplan Recharged 

The U.Plan Recharged
3 Easy Steps to Powering Up Your College Savings
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How the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program Works 


When you contribute money to the U.Plan during the annual enrollment period, you purchase Tuition Certificates, which represent a certain amount of today’s tuition at each of the participating colleges and universities. 


This chart shows how much a $1,000 U.Plan Tuition Certificate would be worth at three different types of colleges: 



Compare the savings offered by the MEFA U.Plan prepaid tuition program on different colleges



Suppose that your child decides to attend a public college, and by that time, tuition and fees have gone up to $15,000 per year. Your U.Plan Tuition Certificate will still be worth 10% of tuition and fees: 10% of $15,000 is $1,500. 


When it’s time to use your U.Plan college savings, just let us know which of the participating colleges and universities your child plans to attend, and we’ll send your U.Plan proceeds directly to the school. If your child doesn’t go to one of the participating colleges or universities, you’ll receive your initial investment plus interest. 



U.Plan is a Massachusetts prepaid college tuition program 


Why is the U.Plan Prepaid College Tuition Program a Smart Choice? 


No volatility.
U.Plan Tuition Certificates are backed by bonds, issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Unlike stock or mutal fund investments, you know what the Tuition Certificate will be worth at maturity. 


No obligation.
You don’t have to choose a college ahead of time, and if you don’t use your Tuition Certificates at a participating Massachusetts college or university, your initial investment will be returned to you at maturity with interest compounded annually at the Consumer Price Index (CPI). 


No application or enrollment fees.
Every dollar you contribute goes directly toward helping you reach your college savings goal. 


No Massachusetts state tax.
U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program earnings are exempt from state and federal tax, with some limitations. 


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Watch a testimonial from a current U.Plan account owner. 


 Richard discusses how MEFA's U.Plan helped him save for his son's college education 



When will your kids be in college? You’ll need to know to save in the U.Plan. View our Maturity Year Selection Guide for assistance. 





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