U.Plan® Prepaid Tuition Program

Our dependable prepaid tuition program, the U.Plan, helps you save money for college and caps college tuition at today’s costs at over 70 colleges and universities across Massachusetts. Learn More

U.Fund® College Investing Plan

Professionally managed by Fidelity Investments, MEFA’s U.Fund is the Massachusetts 529 college savings plan. It's affordable, tax-advantaged, and accepted at virtually any college in the country. Learn More

Education Loans

Our low-cost undergraduate and graduate loans offer fixed interest rates, various repayment options, and are available to students anywhere in the U.S. And our Education Refinancing Loan is designed to lower your interest rate and monthly loan payments. Learn More

MEFA Pathway <em>Your Plan for the Future</em>℠

Our free college and career planning website, MEFA Pathway Your Plan for the Future, offers interactive tools and key information to help students navigate a successful path to post-secondary education and into a career.  Learn More


We provide more than 500 free, on-site college planning seminars and online live webinars each year on a variety of topics. We also host community events for younger families to encourage planning and saving for college. Learn More

Education in the Workplace

MEFA works with Human Resources representatives to provide free workplace seminars for organizations across the Commonwealth on all aspects of the college planning process. Learn More

Informative Emails

Our comprehensive emails for families, school counselors, and college administrators provide important information, key updates, and valuable resources on a wide range of topics related to college planning.  Sign Up

Training for Counselors

We provide essential tools to help high school and college access counselors advise families and enhance professional skills, including financial aid trainings and webinars, online resources, and professional development certification. Learn More

Resources for College Administrators

We have been collaborating with college and university administrators in Massachusetts for more than 30 years. Today, we offer training and resources that cover financial aid, MEFA loans, and other college planning topics relevant to Massachusetts families. Learn More

Attainable: The ABLE Savings Plan

The Attainable Savings Plan℠ provides a means for individuals with disabilities and their families to save in a tax-advantaged account for health and personal care expenses.  Learn More

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Partner Spotlight

Going Deep with Summer Search

Learn about Summer Search including its mission, who is eligible to participate, how the program impacts students, the college prep services offered, alumni involvement, and challenges the organization faces.

Applying for an Education Refinancing Loan

Before starting your application for the Education Refinancing Loan, gather the following information:

Personal: Proof of identity and social security number
Contact: Current & prior addresses, phone number, and email address
Financial: Monthly income, housing costs, employment information, two most recent pay stubs, and current billing statements for loans to refinance

Apply Now

Borrow Wisely

When borrowing money to pay for college, it’s a good idea to know as much as you can before you take a loan.

Learn More