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The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: College Financing for School Counselors
This webinar provides school counselors and college access professionals with an overview of the college financial aid process, including financial aid applications and eligibility, how colleges determine how much aid to offer, and financial aid award letters.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Financial Aid for College Admissions Professionals
This webinar is intended for college admissions professionals and other college administrators who would like to learn about the financial aid process. Three veteran financial aid experts speak about financial aid applications and types of financial aid, the factors that determine a student’s aid eligibility, and how financial aid professionals make decisions about financial aid offers for students. Private scholarships and ways to pay the college bill are also covered as well as what admissions professionals need to learn about their own institution’s financial aid policies.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: MEFA Loan Processing
In this webinar, you will hear important updates about the MEFA Loan program features and online resources for college administrators and families. You'll also receive guidance regarding certifying MEFA Loans via ELM and MEFA’s online loan portal including enrollment criteria, loan changes post-certification, disbursements, and refunds.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Navigating the U.Plan System
In this presentation, we review MEFA’s U.Plan online portal, educating administrators on how to sign up for online access, locate their distributions and school payments, download their U.Plan rosters of students, and search for their students to view pending U.Plan distributions.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Helping Families Understand Financial Aid Offers
This webinar provides valuable information for school counselors to help families understand their financial aid offers. Topics include an overview of the different types of financial aid available, how to calculate the balance due at each college, and methods for paying the college bill. Download the webinar slides to follow along.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Saving for College
This webinar for school counselors and college access professionals provides a detailed overview of the basics of saving for college. Participants will learn college savings strategies, information on specific programs, and how families can estimate what college may cost for them when the time comes. Download the webinar slides to follow along.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Transition from Middle School to High School with MEFA Pathway
Hear how Cheryl Nelson, School Counselor in the Lunenburg School District, uses MEFA Pathway with her grade 8 and 9 students, and how the tool helps guide students along their academic journey from middle to high school.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Understanding the U.Plan
Learn how families can lock in tomorrow's tuition at today's prices with the U.Plan, Massachusetts's Prepaid Tuition Plan. This webinar discusses how to enroll and contribute, provides the list of participating colleges, and explains how families can use the plan to guard against the increase in tuition at dozens of public and private Massachusetts colleges.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: A Deep Dive into the Attainable Savings Plan
Learn the basics of an ABLE account as well as some of the tax advantages that these accounts provide.
The MEFA Institute<sup>™</sup>: Post-Electoral Prognostication: Predicting Higher Education and Student Loan Policy Initiatives Under the New Administration with Betsy Mayotte from TISLA
This webinar presented with Betsy Mayotte, President and Founder of the Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA), addresses the future of higher education and student loan policy.