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90 Seconds with MEFA: Why Save for College?
Even if you understand the importance of saving for college, it can be challenging to start the process. And many people fear that if they can't pay for all of college with savings, it's not worth it to try. MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning Jonathan Hughes explains why saving is important, how the cost of college might not be as high as you think, how savings can reduce the need to borrow, and why saving for college sends a message to a child.
90 Seconds with MEFA: What is a 529 Plan?
Any way that you can save for college is a good way, but 529 plans were specifically created to save for college and have tax advantages. MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning Jonathan Hughes explains how to set up a 529 account, how the money is invested, where the funds can be used, and which expenses the funds cover.
The U.Plan Made Simple
It doesn't take long to learn how the U.Plan works. This easy-to-understand two-minute video is a great place to start. And then visit our U.Plan page to set up an account and begin saving.
Save for Tomorrow, Starting Today
Saving for college may seem like an overwhelming task. But with MEFA's help, you can do it — little by little. Hear from other families in Massachusetts who have turned the dream of a college education into reality.
Will Saving for College Affect My Student's Eligibility for Financial Aid?
Learn how your college savings fund affects your student's eligibility for financial aid.
Is There a Deadline for Saving for College?
Learn why it's never too late to start saving for college.
How to Start Saving for College
Learn how to start saving for college early and the different tools you can use to help you save.
U.Fund: The Massachusetts 529 Plan
Learn all of the important details about the U.Fund, the Massachusetts 529 plan, a great tool to help you save for college.
Common Myths about Planning & Saving for College
Every dollar saved will give your family options down the road when it comes time to pay for college. Hear common misconceptions about college savings for families with middle school students.
Middle School: Too Early to Save for College? Too Late?
Have you ever asked yourself, "How am I ever going to save enough for college?" Hear about the importance of beginning to save for college in the middle school years.