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The Power of the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program
Learn how to lock in tomorrow's tuition at today's prices with the U.Plan, Massachusetts's prepaid tuition plan. This webinar covers the unique money-saving benefits of the U.Plan, teach you how to enroll and contribute, demonstrate how your savings will grow even if your child attends a college out of state, and explain how to use the plan to guard against the increase in tuition at dozens of public and private Massachusetts colleges and universities.
90 Seconds with MEFA: The U.Fund
As the Massachusetts 529 college savings plan, the U.Fund offers affordability, flexibility, and powerful tax advantages. MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning Jonathan Hughes explains how the U.Fund works, how the money is invested, and which expenses the funds cover.
Learn about Tuition Break, a Program That Can Help You Lower College Costs
Did you know that New England residents can enroll at out-of-state public colleges at a discount? In this webinar, presented by Jonathan Gowin, Director of Tuition Break for the New England Board of Higher Education, learn more about Tuition Break, a savings program specifically for New England residents that can save families approximately $9,000 per year. Over 2,500 degree programs are available.
MassEdCO Fall Forum Financing a Postsecondary Education from Start to Finish
We all know that college is a significant expense for students and their families. But there are so many action steps that students can take, starting as early as middle school, to help them reduce their postsecondary costs and make the best financial decision for themselves and their family. Within this MassEdCO Fall Forum, an expert panel walk through the college planning process from middle school through college graduation and touch on the critical decision points for students and how to navigate them wisely. Panelists discuss using career aspirations to help inform college selection, which data is truly important in the college search, key programs that lower college costs, navigating college spending and budgeting, loans, and so much more. Panelists include Mark Bilotta, CEO of MassEdCO, Apelila Joseph, MEFA Pathway Program Manager, Ebony Marsala, Director of Financial Aid at Boston College, Tim Poynton, Associate Professor at UMass Boston, and Bill Smith, Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Assistance at Stonehill College.
The U.Plan
As the Massachusetts prepaid tuition program, the U.Plan offers a way to save for college while protecting yourself from rising costs by locking in today's tuition and mandatory fee costs at a network of colleges and universities in Massachusetts. MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning Jonathan Hughes explains how the U.Plan works, how the money is invested, and how you can get started saving for college today!
College Gifting
Did you know that friends and family members can contribute directly to your college savings account? With more money in the account to invest and earn returns, your savings have the potential to grow faster to help you reach your goals. MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning Jonathan Hughes explains how you can set up gifting for the U.Fund College Investing Plan and the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program.
Why Save for College?
Even if you understand the importance of saving for college, it can be challenging to start the process. And many people fear that if they can't pay for all of college with savings, it's not worth it to try. MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning Jonathan Hughes explains why saving is important, how the cost of college might not be as high as you think, how savings can reduce the need to borrow, and why saving for college sends a message to a child.
What is a 529 Plan?
Any way that you can save for college is a good way, but 529 plans were specifically created to save for college and have tax advantages. MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning Jonathan Hughes explains how to set up a 529 account, how the money is invested, where the funds can be used, and which expenses the funds cover.
Saving for College
This webinar is for parents with children of all ages and describes information and resources that families can use to put a college savings plan in place. We answer questions such as: Why and how much should I save for college? When and how should I start? What is the best way to save? How will saving affect college financial aid? Watch to learn how to prepare best for college costs. Download the webinar slides to follow along.
Making a Distribution From Your U.Plan Account
You can use the funds from your U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program account to pay for tuition and mandatory fees at any one of the plan's participating colleges and universities in Massachusetts. Or you can cash out the funds to use elsewhere. This video walks you through the steps of how to access your savings when it comes time to pay the college bill.