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Will Saving for College Affect My Student's Eligibility for Financial Aid?
Learn how your college savings fund affects your student's eligibility for financial aid.
Understanding and Managing Financial Aid Deadlines
One of the worst things you can do is miss a financial aid deadline. Learn what you can do to manage financial aid deadlines properly.
What Happens Once You've Filed Your FAFSA<sup>®</sup>?
What happens after you file the FAFSA? Learn where FAFSA information goes after you click submit and what you can expect in the FAFSA process following the application submission.
Finding Money to Pay for College
There is a lot of money out there to help you pay for college. Hear about the financial aid application process and the money that's available. And even for families with middle school students, it's important to begin searching for college scholarships.
Understanding the Admissions & Financial Aid Process
When it comes time to paying the college bill, there's a lot of help available. Hear how MEFA understands the complex process of admissions and financial aid, and is available to help answer your questions. You don't have to take the entire process on your shoulders at once.