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Financial Planning with ABLE Accounts
With an Attainable Savings Plan, individuals with disabilities and their families can save for qualified disability expenses while keeping benefits such as Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid. In this webinar Cynthia Haddad, Certified Financial Planner at Affinia Financial Group, discusses the key features of ABLE accounts and shares real-life examples of how clients utilize these accounts to benefit themselves or family members.
Preparing High School Students with Disabilities for College Success
Transitioning to college and finding appropriate support services can be challenging for students with disabilities who have utilized an IEP in high school. This webinar features panelists from Westfield State, Bridgewater State, and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) as they share details of the resources available to students with disabilities as they transition to post-secondary education.
Using Funds from Your Attainable Account
Learn how to utilize a Fidelity Cash Management Account to use funds from your Attainable account to pay for qualified disability-related expenses.
Attainable Savings Plan<sup>SM</sup> Overview
The Attainable Savings Plan allows individuals with disabilities and their families to save for disability-related expenses without losing eligibility for federal means-tested benefits. In this webinar, we review the benefits, eligibility requirements, and plan details of Attainable, and explain how to easily set up an account. Download a copy of the webinar slides to follow along.
ABLE to Work
ABLE Savings Plans are designed to help individuals with disabilities save for short and long-term disability expenses, and there are additional plan benefits to help account owners save even more. MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning Jonathan Hughes explains what you need to know about the ABLE to Work Act and the Saver’s Credit and how these can help boost your savings.
The Attainable Savings Plan
MEFA's Associate Director of College Planning and Content Creation Jonathan Hughes explains how the Attainable Saving's Plan works, how much individuals can save, and what constitutes a qualified expense.
College Navigator: An Easterseals Program Helping Students With Disabilities Reach Education Goals
The College Navigator program offered through Easterseals helps to connect students with a disability with a 1:1 mentor to help them develop skills beyond the college classroom in order to reach their long-term educational and employment goals.
Start a New Year’s Resolution to Save in Attainable
This webinar provides a high-level overview of ABLE accounts, including details on how they work, who is eligible, and the many benefits they offer.
MA College Programs for Students with Disabilities
This webinar is focused on Massachusetts college programs designed for students with diagnosed learning disabilities and/or other learning challenges who could benefit from additional academic support while enrolled in a traditional college curriculum.
Transition to Adulthood with ABLE
ABLE is the perfect tool for youth with disabilities to use to save for current and long-term expenses as they transition out of high school. In this webinar you’ll learn about Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the impact work may have on benefits, Social Security Administration (SSA) Work Incentives, and student benefits counseling.