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College Planning Tool

Use our College Planning Tool to create a personalized college savings strategy for each child in your family. You’ll record your current college savings information, project your future college costs, and receive guidance on creating a college savings plan that works for your family. Get Started

The Truth About Saving for College

There are plenty of myths and rumors about saving for college out there. And they can prevent you from making the best decisions for your family. At MEFA, you get the facts. Learn More

Save for Tomorrow, Starting Today

If you’re worried that you’ll never be able to pay for college, you’re not alone. Watch this brief video to find out how MEFA helped families just like yours. Watch Video

College Savings Tips

Our college savings tips offer guidance on how to fit saving for college into your monthly budget and make progress toward your goals. Learn More

Saving for College Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar anytime to learn valuable tax benefits to saving for college, how to select a college savings plan, and why starting to save early makes all the difference. Watch Webinar

College Savings Videos

Want guidance from an expert? Head to our video page and select the Saving for College category. There you’ll find information and tips all about saving for college from MEFA team members. View Videos