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Supporting Your Students in Making an Informed College Decision

This lesson will provide a detailed overview of how to support students and their families in making informed college decisions using free web-based tools and includes a webinar hosted by Richard Lapan of University of Massachusetts Amherst and Tim Poynton of University of Massachusetts Boston. The presenters will discuss what their research and experience have revealed to be critically important to making truly informed decisions. They will also review also common myths and misconceptions, and describe seven key questions that can guide the college choice process.

Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Reflect on how physically visiting a college campus can impact the college decision-making process
  • Understand how objective data from freely available websites can be accessed and utilized without being overwhelming
  • Discuss common myths and misconceptions of parents and students about college

Lesson Deliverables

To complete this lesson, participants will:

Complete the MEFA Institute Evidence of Learning Form to earn 1 PDP for this lesson.

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