As part of our community outreach efforts, we provide free workplace seminars on various college planning topics to companies and organizations across the Commonwealth.

College Planning Seminar Details

Workplace seminars are conducted by MEFA college planning expert staff and the length of each seminar can be tailored based on time available. Attendees will leave with detailed knowledge on the seminar subject matter and relevant handouts. Available seminar topics include:

  • Saving for College
  • Early College Planning
  • College Admissions
  • College Financing
  • Paying the College Bill
  • Managing Your Student Loan Repayment

Full college planning seminar descriptions are included below. We require a laptop, projector, screen, and microphone (if necessary) to present.

John MarcusTo request one of our workplace seminars, or learn more about our workplace program, please contact John Marcus at 617-224-4866 or John is a recognized national expert in college financing, admissions, and enrollment management, and manages the expansion of MEFA’s guidance curriculum with Massachusetts employers.

MEFA’s Email Curriculum

In addition to workplace seminars, we encourage you to invite your employees to sign up for MEFA emails to stay updated on all aspects of preparing for college. Our emails keep families informed with important information, including tips, resources, and key updates, to help with each step of college planning. Topics include:

  • How to engage children in reading and learning
  • Where to find scholarships available to elementary, middle, and high school students
  • Why saving is good practice for parents and students
  • How middle school families can best prepare for high school academics
  • Tips for college admissions
  • Important updates about financial aid and avoiding excessive college debt

Families can sign up for MEFA emails anytime on our website here.

College Planning Seminar Topics

Saving for College

What is the best way to save for college? How much should I save and how do I get started? What if I won’t be able to save enough? What about my chances of receiving financial aid? This session addresses the realities of saving for college, provides strategies for saving, and outlines the savings options available to families, including MEFA’s U.Plan and U.Fund.

Early College Planning

Parents of children in grades 7-10 can benefit from early exploration of college and career pathways, but often don’t know how to begin. Topics in this session include choosing courses throughout high school, the role of standardized tests and extracurricular activities, and how to begin exploring colleges and careers of interest. We also discuss financial aid, the importance of saving for college, and savings options available to families, including MEFA’s U.Plan and U.Fund.

College Admissions

In junior and senior year of high school, students and their families are often overwhelmed by the college search and application process. We help families establish a personalized admissions roadmap by addressing topics like current trends in admissions, building a balanced list of college to apply to, and factors that impact the admissions decision such as transcripts, essays, and interviews.

College Financing

Our college financing seminar – designed for the parents of high school juniors and seniors – demystifies the entire financial aid application process, breaking it down into straightforward concepts that every family can understand. We explain the nuts and bolts of how financial aid works and offer strategies for smoothly navigating the college financing process from beginning to end. Topics include financial aid applications and eligibility, how colleges determine how much aid to offer, and understanding award letters.

Paying the College Bill

In the spring of senior year, families often have multiple admissions offers – and financial aid packages – to understand and compare. This program answers the urgent questions that parents of soon-to-be college freshmen have. We help families make sense of their financial aid decisions and walk them through the steps of establishing a plan to pay their college bill.

Managing Your Student Loan Repayment

This seminar provides guidance for managing repayment of your student loans. Topics include creating a budget, maintaining good credit, and debt repayment strategies. We discuss the Federal Student Loan repayment options as well as consolidation and refinancing.