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1. Learn About Your Financial Aid

What Can You Expect to See in a Financial Aid Offer? The document includes many important details. Learn More

Different Types of Student Financial Aid
There are three main types of financial aid. Learn More

2. Determine Your Net Cost

College Cost Calculator
Use our tool to input your financial aid and find out your net cost at every college. This information can help you make a financially wise college decision. Calculate Now

3. Make a Plan to Pay Your Bill

College Payment Plans
Payment plans are an interest-free way to pay for college over time. Learn More

Tips for Private Student Loans
Understand the facts about loans before you borrow. Learn More

Student Loan Payment Calculator
It's important to know your potential monthly payment and total loan cost before you borrow an education loan. Calculate Now

After the College Acceptance Webinars
Register for a live After the College Acceptance webinar to receive guidance on understanding financial aid offers, making the college decision, and paying the college bill. Download the webinar slides to follow along.

The MEFA Podcast: After the College Acceptance

90 Seconds with MEFA: After the College Acceptance

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