How health insurance can affect your college bill

Waive the college’s health insurance charge if the child is already covered with a family plan and get in touch with your insurance provider if your child is going out of state to check coverage. Read More

Payment Plans: A smart way to pay your college costs

Payment plans are interest free and allow you to pay for college costs over the span of several months. Read More

Why the cost of college isn’t as high as you think

Financial aid can significantly lower a college’s price tag. Read More

What are these loans on my financial aid award letter?

You may see Subsidized or Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans, a MA No Interest Loan, or a PLUS Loan. Read More

How to make the most of an accepted student campus visit

Pay attention to housing, the dining hall, transportation, safety, the social scene, and academics. Read More

What can you expect to see on a financial aid award letter?

A critical part of the college decision is affordability. You’ve been thinking about paying for college. And hopefully, you’ve also been planning for it. No matter what, you can’t make… Read More

Introducing MEFA’s After the College Acceptance Program

Making the decision about what college to attend can be challenging. At this time of year seniors in high school begin receiving admissions decisions and financial aid award letters. And… Read More


MEFA Focuses on High-Quality Customer Service in Selecting American Education Services

With AES, MEFA borrowers will benefit from a dedicated team of trained customer service representatives as well as a secure mobile app.

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