An expert shares thoughts and guidance on financial literacy

Students should learn about saving, investments, retirement, taxes, and social security, and be sure to set up a savings account, pay bills on time, and understand the details of their finances. Read More

5 common myths about returning to college as an adult

Returning students believe that previous credits won’t count, they’ll have to re-take the SAT, they won’t receive as much financial aid, defaulted loans will affect chances of any financial aid, and their real-life experiences won’t matter. Read More

College Students: 5 Tips for Creating a Great LinkedIn Profile

Post a professional photo, add classes and activities, connect with thought leaders, get recommendations, and be honest. Read More

Want to save money in college? Set a budget

When you’re in college, every penny counts.  So it’s important to keep track of your money and be smart about your spending. In today’s world, it’s easy to swipe a… Read More

Degrees can help, but internships make the difference

When I was in college, one concept that was constantly stressed to me was the importance of internships. My professors made it their mission to encourage us to connect the… Read More

One university’s creative approach to financial literacy

It’s more important than ever that students understand the basics of budgeting, credit, savings, and borrowing. But how do you make sure that those who need it the most are… Read More

5 ways to handle stress during finals week

Many college students are finishing up finals and patiently waiting for the semester to end. As a current graduate student, I can relate to how stressful the semester can be…. Read More


MEFA's U.Plan: One of the Best and Safest Ways to Save for College

Contact: Lisa Rooney (617) 224-4838 BOSTON – When it comes to saving for college, one of the best and safest options is the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program. Understanding how…

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