Internships, Externships, and Co-ops

Internships are an official program offered by an employer to students who work to gain experience related to their field. Externships can include job shadowing an individual within a field and are typically held for a very short time period. Co-ops allow students to alternate traditional semesters with working full time in their chosen field.  Read More

How to Graduate on Time with Multiple Transfers

Tips include sticking to the same major, making sure all credits transfer, and adjusting your schedule to make classes fit.  Read More

10 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

Tips include make your intentions clear, don’t be afraid to request to connect with people, join a group, get skills endorsements, search company profiles, and keep your profile updated. Read More

Key Tips for College Success

College experts answer your questions, including how to make the most of Orientation, what to bring and not bring to campus, what campus resources to seek out, how to prepare over the summer, and how to choose classes.  Read More

10 tips to prepare your child for freshman year

Our tips include financially setting up for college, checking the health insurance waiver policy, knowing important dates, coordinating living arrangements, meeting financial aid requirements, gathering school supplies, scheduling doctors appointments, touring the campus, and joining a university parent group.  Read More

An expert shares thoughts and guidance on financial literacy

Students should learn about saving, investments, retirement, taxes, and social security, and be sure to set up a savings account, pay bills on time, and understand the details of their finances. Read More

5 common myths about returning to college as an adult

Returning students believe that previous credits won’t count, they’ll have to re-take the SAT, they won’t receive as much financial aid, defaulted loans will affect chances of any financial aid, and their real-life experiences won’t matter. Read More


MEFA Loan Rate Decreases Amid Rising Interest Rates

Contact: Lisa Rooney (617) 224-4838 BOSTON – The starting interest rate on the state’s college loan will decrease for the upcoming academic year in contrast to the increase in…

College Financing

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December 10, 2018


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