Does saving for college hurt my financial aid chances?

At most, only 5.6% of the total amount of college savings could have an impact on financial aid eligibility. Read More

Why save in the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program?

The U.Plan provides a lock-in of tuition and mandatory fees, guaranteed growth, no risk, and tax benefits, and is available to use at any college. Read More

Tax tips for parents

You may be eligible for a MA college savings tax deduction or dependent care expenses credit. Read More

What can I use my 529 funds for?

529 accounts such as the U.Fund College Investing Plan allow you to save for college expenses while taking advantage of benefits not available in other savings plans. 529 accounts are… Read More

Get Ready to Save for College with the U.Plan

In just over two months, the Massachusetts U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program will open for the 2018 season. A powerful savings program—we call it Massachusetts’ best-kept secret—the U.Plan allows families to… Read More

How 2 newborns are helping me grow up

Saving money has not always been my strong suit. In college I would immediately spend what little money I earned from my work-study job. My first job after graduating, I… Read More

How to save more money for college this fall

It’s a busy time of year with school in full swing and the holidays around the corner, but you can still take a few minutes to save some extra funds… Read More


MEFA Focuses on High-Quality Customer Service in Selecting American Education Services

With AES, MEFA borrowers will benefit from a dedicated team of trained customer service representatives as well as a secure mobile app.

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