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Our top 10 blog posts from 2016

Happy (almost) new year! We've had a full year here at MEFA providing information and guidance to families on all aspects of college planning. With 2016 drawing to a rapid close, we wanted to highlight some of the most popular blogs we published over the past year. From scholarships to education tax benefits to federal loans, our most-read articles covered quite a range of topics, but all focused on helping families obtain an affordable and accessible college education. We encourage you to read the posts you might have missed, and re-visit the rest.

In order, here are our top 10 blog posts from 2016:

    1. Scholarships for College (1/27/16): View a list of scholarships available to students entering college this coming fall.

    1. 6 things college students can do to prepare for next year (3/1/16): There's a lot to do before starting college's freshman year. We have your 6-item checklist.

    1. Have you heard of these college scholarships? (8/24/16): Scholarships are out there for practically every interest, talent, and attribute. We pulled together some of our favorites.

    1. How a social media profile affects college admissions (6/17/16): It's so important for students to have a professional online presence before applying to college – a college admissions assistant director explains why.

    1. Tax Benefits for Education (2/4/16): You may be eligible to take one of these education benefits on your taxes for 2016.

    1. Need more financial aid? Learn about the appeal process (3/21/16): Financial aid offers have already starting arriving in mailboxes and inboxes. Find out how to request additional funds.

    1. Top 10 Tips for Filing the FAFSA® (9/23/16): If you haven't yet submitted your FAFSA, definitely read our 10 steps on how to do it right.

    1. Make a plan to pay for college costs (3/31/16): Our presentation provides key guidance to help your family put together your college payment strategy

    1. Ready to repay your federal college loans? (1/5/16): Students have so many options when it comes to repaying federal loans. We explain each one.

    1. 8 FAQs about financial aid and paying for college (4/7/16): Learn some valuable information about financial aid offers and budgeting for college costs.

Bookmark the mefa blog and visit it often. We already have several informative and timely posts planned for 2017 and we'll continue to use our blog to provide you the most updated news on the college planning landscape. Stay in step with MEFA to learn about saving for college, college admissions, financial aid, academic planning, and loan repayment. We're here to help you reach your dream of a college education for your family.





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