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Tips for paying back your student loans

If you’re beginning to pay back your student loans soon (or know someone who is), it’s important to understand the process and to stay on track with your payment due dates. Keeping up to date with student loan payments is necessary in order to build a solid credit history and maintain strong financial health. We’ve put together slides below to explain the basics of loan repayment, with specific details geared toward MEFA loan borrowers. No matter the type of loans you’ve borrowed, or the lender you're paying back, you’ll benefit from reviewing the information included and following our helpful tips.

Navigating the presentation is easy — simply use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the slides to get through the content. If you’d like to see it big screen, use the 2-way diagonal arrows to view the presentation in full-screen mode, then navigate the presentation by using the arrows on your keyboard.

Make sure to check out the information at the end of the presentation about contacting your specific loan servicer with questions about your loans. If you have any general questions about college loans, you can reach out to us here at MEFA anytime. Call us at (800) 449-MEFA (6332) or email us at

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