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Keep up to date with the latest news about planning and financing a college education and preparing for your financial future, from experts here at MEFA and across the industry. Browse through our blog and use it as your very own college planning guide.

Father and daughter using laptop in living room
We discuss work study, the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship, how scholarships affect financial aid, subsidized vs unsubsidized loans, Federal Direct Loan limits and interest rates, MA state aid, and how to use your college savings funds. …
By Meredith Clement    |
What to Do If You Don't Receive Work-Study
You can still find another part-time job on campus, and you can also search for off-campus employment, which may allow you to work outside the academic year and pay better. …
By Lauren Patten    |
Word of the Day Wednesday: Federal Work-Study
Learn what federal work study is, how students quality for the program, and what to do if you receive it as part of your financial aid. …
By Meredith Clement    |
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