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Keep up to date with the latest news about planning and financing a college education and preparing for your financial future, from experts here at MEFA and across the industry. Browse through our blog and use it as your very own college planning guide.

Updates include a Course Planner, an EFC Calculator, and an Internships section. …
By Jennifer Bento-Pinyoun    |
Don't Miss These 10 Financial Aid FAQs
Topics include completing financial aid applications, getting an FSA ID, who requires the CSS Profile, applying for financial aid without a Social Security number, who should complete the financial aid applications, the affect of 529 accounts on financial aid, the financial aid timeline, EFC Calculators, and helpful websites. …
By Meredith Clement    |
Here's How Colleges Calculate Your EFC
We break down the EFC formula, including how to determine your Available Income, Contribution from Assets, and Student Contribution. …
By Meredith Clement    |
Introducing Our New Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Calculator
Calculate your EFC by entering your state of residence, the number of people in your household, the number of children you anticipate to be in college, information about the finances of the student's parents, and financial information for the student.…
By Meredith Clement    |
Word of the Day Wednesday: Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
Learn about the EFC, a calculated amount reflecting the family's financial strength and their ability to absorb one year of college expenses.…
By Meredith Clement    |
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