Come Join MEFA in Your Community

Do you have questions on how to pay for college? Will your family qualify for financial aid? How do we begin the process of applying?  What is the FAFSA®? These are just a few of the questions our team of experts in college financing and financial aid answer throughout the year, specifically at MEFA's College Financing Seminars.

Each year from October through January we provide over 350 College Financing seminars in communities throughout Massachusetts, reaching over 20,000 families. Below are actual quotes from parents who attended a MEFA College Financing seminar in their local community last year:
“I felt so overwhelmed; now at least I feel like there is some hope”

“MEFA’s help is so important for families that are confused with the financial aid process”

“This was such a huge help. I will tell everyone I know to attend a MEFA seminar”

“I wish I had known MEFA existed when my older children had applied to college”

Our job at MEFA for over 30 years has been to provide information to families and educators in order to help them through every step of the college financing process. Our team of experts contributes their time and energy to make sure that families have the very best information to keep them on track.

We hope to see you in your community in the coming months. To find out where you can join us for a college financing session, click here.

But we know that life as a senior parent is busy and making time in the evening to attend a seminar can be challenging. If you cannot attend a seminar, you can still be connected to MEFA by checking out and signing up for our email service, subscribing to our blog, attending a live or pre-recorded webinar on college financing, or contacting us by phone 800-449-MEFA (6332) or email  with questions as they come up.

The folks at MEFA are here to help you through this process.