College Savings

The College Savings Solution You Haven’t Considered?

There aren't always smart solutions for every one of life’s challenges. One of the toughest challenges you may be facing today is figuring out how to successfully save for college. Recent reports have shown that costs for tuition, fees, room, and board at Boston-area colleges and universities are increasing this year by up to 3-4% or more. Fortunately, this is one of those times when a smart solution does exist. It’s called the U.Plan, and it’s Massachusetts’ Prepaid Tuition Program. If you’ve never heard of the U.Plan, or if you have but don’t remember all of the details, enrollment is now open, so you should take a second to reacquaint yourself with the program. There are too many benefits of the program to cover here—the U.Plan page on our website says it all—but let’s just put it this way: families that participated in the program last year may not be too fazed by this 3.4% increase.