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Keep up to date with the latest news about planning and financing a college education and preparing for your financial future, from experts here at MEFA and across the industry. Browse through our blog and use it as your very own college planning guide.

Using Social Media to Research and Connect with Colleges
Social media can be great for research, connecting with admitted students, and getting an authentic glimpse of campus life, but it's important to consider privacy and appropriateness as well. …
By Sara Calvert-Kubrom    |
What to Do with COVID-19 Room and Board Refunds
If you used funds from a 529 account to pay for these expenses, the deadline to deposit these funds back into a 529 account without paying income taxes on the funds has been extended.…
By Jonathan Hughes    |
Scholarships with July Deadlines
Scholarships include Dr. Kyle Hornby Annual Scholarship, Women in STEM Scholarship, El Café Del Futuro Scholarship, Scholarship, Scholarship, Dolphin Galleries Visual Arts Scholarship, Prime Scholarship, Flavor of the Month Scholarship, Avonte Oquendo Memorial Scholarship, and Scholarship Program.…
By Lauren Patten    |
Saving for College in Uncertain Times
We explain why it is still important to save for college if you have the ability to do so, how the market has reacted in the past to similar situations, and other ways to save for college that are not subject to market fluctuation. …
By Jonathan Hughes    |
Researching Colleges When You Can't Visit Campus
Tips including asking questions about the school, such as how many students make it to graduation and how many other students are in the major you are interested in, and debunking college myths such as needing to decide on a major before getting to college and there only being one right college. …
By Julie Shields-Rutyna    |
The What, When, and Who of SAT Subject Tests
Learn what they are, when they are offered, when students should take them, and who should take them.…
By Lisa Albro    |
Appealing Your Financial Aid Offer During COVID-19
Experts explain how to appeal, who should appeal, how colleges are handling appeals, if you can submit deposits at more than one school, and what deferment might mean for aid. …
By Julie Shields-Rutyna    |
How to Refinance Student Loans
Tips include researching the benefits, understanding your loans, deciding on a fixed or variable interest rate, comparing lenders, and preparing your documents. …
By Lauren Patten    |
Perspectives on IEPs and College Admissions
Learn if you have to disclose that your student is on an IEP, if it's a good idea to tell a college during the admissions process that your student is on an IEP, when you should let a college know about an IEP, and how to learn about support for students with IEPs. …
By Jonathan Hughes    |
Scholarships with June Deadlines
Scholarships include The 2020 Student Academy Awards, 2020 GoFoodservice Scholarship, CodePost Computer Science Education Scholarship, Do-Over Scholarship, and The Andrew Flusche Scholarship Contest. …
By Lauren Patten    |
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