Our Top 20 Blog Posts of 2020

These blog posts contain guidance on financial aid, college savings, admissions, and a few other college-related topics.
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You've probably already seen some Best of 2020 lists in the past few weeks, but people write them for a reason. We all want to know what others have been experiencing, what we might have missed, and what we need to catch up on as we begin the new year.

In that light, we compiled a list of our 20 most popular blogs posts of 2020. You'll find below guidance on financial aid, college savings, admissions, and a few other college-related topics. We removed a couple posts that contained now-outdated scholarships, but you can always find our most recent scholarship lists by visiting our blog homepage and selecting the Scholarships category.

Without further ado, here are the 20 posts that interested our readers the most within the past year:

  1. Do You Need a Non-Filer Statement for Financial Aid?
  2. Are you Asking These FAFSA Questions?
  3. Will This Scholarship Affect My Financial Aid?
  4. Applying for Financial Aid with International Parents
  5. What to Do If You Don't Receive Work-Study
  6. The SECURE Act Expands Use of 529 Plans
  7. Understanding the Different Types of College Applications
  8. What is a College Applicant Portal?
  9. What to Know About the John & Abigail Adams Scholarship
  10. Completing the CSS ProfileTM? Check out these FAQs
  11. Surviving the Transition from High School to College
  12. Are You Required to Use IDOC for Financial Aid?
  13. What is the Effect of Retirement Savings on Financial Aid?
  14. Still Have a College Bill Balance?
  15. Tax Benefits for Higher Education Expenses
  16. Tax Forms Related to Higher Education
  17. Finding Scholarships with
  18. What You Need to Know About Merit-Based Financial Aid
  19. 5 Scholarships for Every Month
  20. What You Need to Know About Applying to Community College

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