MEFA Pathway

MEFA Pathway Can Help Students Discover Careers

Very few students have a clear idea as to what career path they may like to pursue after high school. But all students have interests, values, skills, and strengths that develop as they grow. Often, they just need help identifying those interests and skills to make the connection to a career path. MEFA’s college and career planning portal, MEFA Pathway, can facilitate the discovery of numerous careers based upon a specific student’s attributes.

To begin, students can learn more about themselves by completing the three inventories in MEFA Pathway, What Do I Like?, What Do I Value?, and What Are My Skills? Using the results from these assessments, students can start exploring and discovering careers that best match them. It’s helpful for students to see how their characteristics can help determine their plans for after high school.

Students can start with the What Do I Like? assessment by following these steps:

  • Go to and either log in or click Register Here to register as a new user.

  • Under the Discover Careers tab, select the Get to Know Yourself sub-tab.

  • In the first box asking What are your Interests? select the blue GET STARTED button.

  • Go through the activity ranking each task using the sad-to-happy face scale on the screen.MEFA Pathway What Do I LIke Assessment Example

  • When you complete the activity, click on Career Search under the Discover Careers tab, and then select USE MY INTERESTS in the left-hand sidebar to discover occupations that might appeal to you based on your interest results.

MEFA Pathway Career Search List

  • Click on occupations that sound interesting to find out each job’s work activities, daily tasks, and median wages. Consider which careers might be potentials for you.

MEFA Pathway Graphic Designer Career Page

  • Within each job that interests you, read the professional qualifications including education, experience, and job training to help further determine if that career might be for you.

  • Save occupations that interest you to your Career List by clicking on the SAVE button in the upper right corner on each career page.

  • You can find your Career List under the Discover Careers tab. Here you can mark careers as favorites – these then appear on your Digital Portfolio, which serves as a repository of key information about you from various areas of MEFA Pathway.

  • As you learn more about specific careers and start planning your path, go to the Goals & Strategies section under the Build Career Plan tab to set both short and long-term personal, career, and academic goals. Add appropriate strategies for each goal.

MEFA Pathway Goals & Strategies Page

Complete the What Do I Value? and What Are My Skills? assessments next. Compare the suggested occupations from those assessments with the ones generated from the What Do I Like? assessment. Are there careers that appear on all lists? This may be a sign! Retake the three inventories each year of high school, and keep track of the results. Notice if your interests, values, or matching careers change. Continue to update the Careers List and develop your course plan accordingly.

If you have a high school student, the resources and guidance available within MEFA Pathway should help alleviate stress about future career unknowns and help him or her build a plan. Remember, it’s easy to register for an account and get started. Students can visit and click I am a Student and then Register Here to start the journey toward college and career planning and success.