Making an impact with Attainable, the ABLE Savings Plan

Parents wtih young sonIn May of this year, we launched with excitement the Attainable Savings PlanSM, a program that allows individuals with disabilities to save for expenses related to their health and independence. A monumental program, Attainable is significant (and long-awaited) because it allows families to save without affecting their eligibility for important disability-related federal benefits, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (up to accounts of $100,000).

When we began the development of the Attainable program, we spoke with key partners in the community, including the Massachusetts Office of Disability and disability organizations across the Commonwealth. We learned about the significance of The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2014, which allowed for the establishment of Attainable and other states' ABLE programs. We became educated on just how important the Attainable program will be, and now is, to families across the Commonwealth, because of the financial freedom it provides. We have been honored, since the program's inception, to take part in such an impactful opportunity.

Our understanding of Attainable's significance has only grown since its launch in May. For the past few months, we have answered questions, provided guidance, and heard the stories of hundreds of families across Massachusetts who have opened Attainable accounts and already benefitted from the program. We've talked to a father who finally feels secure knowing that his daughter will have financial resources available for years in the future. We've heard from a mother grateful that her adult son can now save for expenses related to his group home. And we've communicated with so many other parents, siblings, and family members sharing with us just how important, just how powerfully the Attainable program will improve the lives of the thousands of individuals with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth.

August marks #ABLEtoSave month, a time to focus on the importance of ABLE programs across the nation, and highlight their impact. We'll be using Facebook and Twitter to share our excitement about Attainable, and remind Massachusetts residents of its many powerful features. If you know of an individual or family who would benefit from Attainable, please share our dedicated webpage or pass along our phone number, (800) 449-MEFA (6332). We look forward to welcoming more Massachusetts residents into our community of savers, and increasing the impact of Attainable across the Commonwealth.