Making the College Decision

If you have a high school senior at home, your family has likely spent the past few weeks reviewing your child's options for college next year. It's a difficult decision to make as you weigh the academic, social, and financial aspects of each school. We're here to provide you guidance on making the decision – and figuring out how to pay for it.

We have several resources available to help you in the days leading up to May 1st, the enrollment decision deadline. Explore each one as you narrow down your options and make a financing plan.

    • Our Types of Financial Aid breakdown can help you decode your financial aid letters – it includes names and descriptions of the different kinds of financial aid.

    • You can view our Paying the College Bill webinar anytime. It provides an overview of financial aid, how to calculate the balance due at each college, and options to pay your bill.

    • Use our Loan Payment Calculator to learn about the five different MEFA loan options, and to find out monthly payment amounts and total loan cost.

    • Our Borrow Wisely overview offers tips on private education loans, other borrowing options, and important terminology. Make sure to review it before you borrow.

As you evaluate your options and put together a financing plan, reach out to us for guidance. We're happy to talk over the phone, (800) 449-MEFA (6332), or via email, We also answer questions on social media, so connect with us anytime on Facebook or Twitter.