Join our community of savers

Mother and son with piggy bankThere are over 785,000 individuals in Massachusetts with a disability according to 2015 Census data, and this week marks an important occasion. On Wednesday, May 10th, Governor Charlie Baker will launch Attainable, the Massachusetts Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Savings Plan. Attainable will allow individuals with disabilities and their families to save for disability-related expenses in a tax-advantaged savings account, in accordance with the 2014 federal ABLE Act. Account owners will, for the first time, have the opportunity to save for disability-related expenses without affecting their eligibility for federal means-tested benefits.

The Attainable Savings Plan<sup>SM</sup> will foster the financial independence of individuals with disabilities and help to maintain access to important services and resources. We are excited to play a part in this initiative as state sponsor of the Attainable Savings Plan, and invite you to connect with us in several ways:

  • Join us at the State House on May 10th at 2:30 p.m. as Governor Baker launches the Attainable Savings Plan to the residents of Massachusetts

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be posting scenes from the big event as well as exciting benefits of the program and comments from supporters

  • Join our email list. We’ll continue to keep you informed about the Attainable Savings Plan and what’s happening on the national landscape with other ABLE programs

We are honored to play a part in this historic program and look forward to connecting with many Massachusetts residents and organizations this week as we launch Attainable, the ABLE Savings Plan.