Introducing the MEFA Podcast

As part of our mission to help families plan, save, and pay for college, we have launched a new podcast focused on all things related to preparing for college. Our first episodes provide guidance for families with middle school-age children. There are currently six podcast episodes available, with more coming this fall on different topics within the world of college planning.

In each podcast episode we feature one of our college planning experts sharing useful tips and insights relevant to families looking ahead to college. With their experienced backgrounds and extensive knowledge of financial aid, our experts guide listeners through every step of the college process.

Here are some examples of current MEFA podcast episodes:

    • In The Value of Saving for College in Middle School, Jonathan Hughes discusses how to save for college and the common misconceptions of the college financing process.

    • Director of College Planning Julie Shields-Rutyna provides guidance through navigating student interests and explains why now is the perfect time to start saving in Saving For College: Never Too Early, Never Too Late.

The MEFA Podcast is designed for you to access college planning information when you need it. We know how precious time is for everyone and want to make sure that you have access to information in many ways.

Look for us in the iTunes store and in the Podcast app on the iPhone. You can also download our podcasts directly to your phone to have available at any time. Make sure to follow the MEFA Podcast to stay up to date with the latest episodes.