College Savings

How is that #SavingsPledge going?

A few weeks ago, I committed to giving up my afternoon coffees and starting to pack a lunch, instead of conveniently forgetting my leftovers and needing to go out and grab something to go. I'm trying to save money for my upcoming wedding, and I shared my #savingspledge to encourage all of you out there with goals of saving for college, especially those of you hoping to save money in the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program this year.

How's it going, you ask?

Well, I will tell you I haven't been the model subject of keeping a #savingspledge. As a matter of fact, on a few days, I simply failed. I truly forgot my lunch, and couldn't salvage anything from what I have in my junk drawer. And there were some days that I truly needed that afternoon pick-me-up (ok, needed might be a stretch :). )

However, I've gotten better. I'm meal planning at the beginning of each week and factoring in a few extra snacks that I can keep with me at the office. I bought some cold-brew iced coffee that I've been taking with me in the mornings, instead of stopping on my way into the office to buy one. I've also resorted to finding money-saving activities to do on the weekends, like hiking and barbecuing with friends, instead of heading to the movies and dinner with my fiancé.

My bank account noticed.

With some additional moving around with my spending (kicking the online shopping habit and cancelling my monthly subscriptions), in the past month I've been able to increase my contribution to my wedding fund by nearly $200/month AND increase the amount I put toward the payment on my car, which will officially be paid off in 13 days.

Have you taken the #savingspledge in order to help increase your college savings? There's still time to make a pledge, or revisit your first one, and make a plan to meet your goal. By doing so you can save enough to make a solid contribution to this year's U.Plan.

For more information about the U.Plan, visit our dedicated webpage here. With a little discipline and planning, I'm sure you can reach your savings goals!