Do you know the SAT®?

The College Board rolled out a redesigned SAT last spring. How familiar are you with the new test? Marilyn Flores, an Education Advisor for MassEdCO at Burncoat High School, created a list of true or false questions to help us all learn more about the exam. Test yourself on each question, and find answers at the bottom of this page.

True or False?

Numeral 1 The new test includes analysis in science and social studies.
Numeral 2 There is a small penalty for a wrong answer, so you need to be careful with guessing.
Numeral 3 The highest total score is 1600.
Numeral 4 The essay is mandatory.
Numeral 5 One section of the math test does not allow use of a calculator.
Numeral 6 Basic trigonometry is included on the test.
Numeral 7 Each reading question refers to a different passage.
Numeral 8 There are 5 answer choices for each question.
Numeral 9 There is more algebra than geometry on the SAT.
Numeral 10 The reading section includes charts and graphs.

Pass this blog along to students you know gearing up to take the SAT. The more prepared students are when they take the exam, the better they will do!


Marilyn Flores

Marilyn Flores lives in Worcester and works as an Education Advisor at Massachusetts Education and Career Opportunities, Inc. (MassEdCO). She leads college admissions presentations for MEFA and is on the committee for The Philanthropic Initiative's Red Pine Scholarship. Marilyn holds a BA from Smith College and MA from Yale University. She previously worked as an admissions officer and uses this insight in helping students navigate the college application process.

Answers: 1. True 2. False: There is no penalty for wrong answers, so it is always worth guessing 3. True 4. False: The essay is optional. Some colleges may require the essay as part of their admissions criteria. 5. True 6. True 7. False: All reading questions refer to a specific passage 8. False: There are 4 answer choices for each question 9. True 10. True