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Keep up to date with the latest news about planning and financing a college education and preparing for your financial future, from experts here at MEFA and across the industry. Browse through our blog and use it as your very own college planning guide.

Create Your Personalized College Savings Strategy
Create a strategy by providing the ages of your children, recording your current college savings account value and your monthly contribution, reporting your Adjusted Gross Income, and completing the activities for each grade level's Passport for Success.…
By Julie Shields-Rutyna    |
Should You Open a U.Plan or U.Fund?
We interview the Director of College Planning at MEFA to learn the benefits of opening both a U.Plan and U.Fund, including why she chose to open both accounts, why someone might lean towards one account over another, and what advice she would give to families now. …
By Lauren Patten    |
Use the Maturity Year Selection Guide to find the years your child will attend college, and then designate at least $300 of savings to each year…
By Meredith Clement    |
Family learning about the U.Plan
A mother of two lists the reasons why she decided to start saving in the U.Plan Prepaid Tuition Program, including a long list of affiliated colleges and safeguarding against rising tuition costs, and how the program has benefited her family.…
By Sue Metcalf    |
How You Can Plant and Grow a 529 College Savings Plan
Saving in a 529 plan is one of the best ways to save for college. Learn how easy it can be to open an account, add funds, get relatives involved in the process, and even claim a tax deduction. …
By Jonathan Hughes    |
Does Saving for College Hurt My Financial Aid Chances?
At most, only 5.6% of the total amount of college savings could have an impact on financial aid eligibility.…
By Jonathan Hughes    |
The U.Plan provides a lock-in of tuition and mandatory fees, guaranteed growth, no risk, and tax benefits, and is available to use at any college.…
By Meredith Clement    |
Tax Tips for Parents
You may be eligible for a MA college savings tax deduction or dependent care expenses credit.…
By Sherri Galego, Alisa Wade    |
Man reviewing papers in kitchen
529 accounts such as the U.Fund College Investing Plan allow you to save for college expenses while taking advantage of benefits not available in other savings plans.…
By Jonathan Hughes    |
Get Ready to Save for College with the U.Plan
By saving in the U.Plan today, you can guarantee that you'll pay a portion (up to 100%!) of today's current rates on tuition and mandatory fees, no matter when your child goes to school, at over 70 colleges and universities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.…
By Meredith Clement    |
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