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Build Your Resume with MEFA Pathway

Learn how to build your resume for college and employment applications by creating a profile, going to Profile Details, recording sports, clubs, honors and awards, employment, community service, and skills, and importing the resume to Resume Builder, where it can be downloaded as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

During the school year, students are busy with so many great activities both inside and outside of school. It's important to make certain that all achievements and accomplishments are documented properly. MEFA Pathway has the perfect tool for this, and now is the time to record this information. Within MEFA Pathway, students can design their own personalized resume by adding sports, clubs, honors and awards, employment, community service, and skills into their profile details page. Students start in grade 9 and keep adding to their profile, so when they need a resume for college or employment applications, it's ready to go. Using MEFA Pathway to store this valuable information is intuitive and easy. Students just need to follow these steps:

    • Go to, click I am a Student, and either log in or register as a new user

    • Under the Create Profile tab, go to Profile Details

    • Fill in the fields in the personal info, school, activities, honors & awards, skills & strengths, and employment tabs

    • After adding information, click SAVE and your updates will appear on the corresponding page

MEFA Pathway My Profile

    • From here, go to Resume Builder where all saved information has been imported from the student profile.

    • Check off the information you would like to include in a particular resume, add an objective statement, and click SAVE

MEFA Pathway Resume Builder

    • Give a name to this particular resume, for example, Summer Job Application Resume, and click Save.

    • Select a resume style and then, if you'd like to download the resume immediately, select PDF or Microsoft Word format.

    • At any point, you can view your list of saved resumes.

    • Save as many resume drafts as you like. Anytime you need, you can retrieve, view, and print a resume as a PDF or Word Document.

Example of a Resume

    • Make sure to keep your profile information up to date so that you can download a current resume anytime for a job or college application (or any other purpose).

It's easy for students to record their accomplishments and keep them organized with MEFA Pathway's Resume Builder. To get a quick overview of the other features that MEFA Pathway has to offer, watch our How it Works video. If a student does not yet have an account in MEFA Pathway, it's easy to register. Anyone can visit , select I am a Student, and then Register Here to start the journey toward college and career planning and success.