Ask the Expert: I Missed a Deadline!

We're getting great questions submitted to Ask the Expert, where MEFA's staff can answer your questions about financial aid and college admissions.  We plan to share some of the best ones here, along with our answers. (Of course, we're protecting the privacy of the people who submit questions so some personal details maybe omitted or altered.)

If you miss the deadline for filing the CSS ProfileTM with a particular college, can you still seek financial aid through filing the FAFSA®?

Thank you for your inquiry about applying for financial aid.  My suggestion would be that you call that particular college and ask them if it still makes sense for you to file the Profile.  I am going to guess that it does!  If your student is applying to other colleges that require the Profile, it makes sense as well.

And, yes, you should absolutely file the FAFSA.  All colleges require the FAFSA to award federal financial aid.  Check out college websites or call the colleges to find out their deadlines, and then make sure you file the FAFSA by the earliest deadline of the colleges on your student's list.