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ABLE Program Development Continues

Supporting individuals with disabilities

In our work at MEFA, we strive to support families across the Commonwealth as they plan and dream for the future. And as the state sponsor of the Massachusetts ABLE Program, we are excited to carry that mission into our work with individuals with disabilities. At this time we are making strides on program development and in communication with families and organizations to learn more about the intricacies of serving individuals with disabilities. Here are a few updates regarding this exciting initiative:

  • We are continuing to work closely with Fidelity Investments, the ABLE Program Manager, on development of the new offering, similar to our work together on the U.Fund College Investing Plan.

  • We are anticipating a Spring 2017 program launch.

  • As we value the input of every voice from the local community, we would welcome meeting with organizations to hear more about how we can serve individuals with disabilities through the ABLE program. We would also appreciate feedback on the best methods to educate families and communities about ABLE. We encourage you to contact Martha Savery at 617-224-4813 to share your thoughts.

As we get closer to program launch, we’ll have more information to share about this important program. I encourage you to visit our dedicated ABLE webpage to view details and updates. As well, we invite you to join our email community to receive the latest news about ABLE developments.  We are working hard on this initiative and look forward to providing this much-needed service to individuals with disabilities and their families.

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