After you host a MEFA seminar at your school, there are additional steps you can take to ensure all of your families know about MEFA’s helpful resources.

Spread the Word

The seminar is just one aspect of MEFA’s comprehensive public education initiative, which also includes an email service for parents, the college and career planning portal MEFA Pathway Your Plan for the Future, and a website full of college planning information and tools. Whether a family attended the seminar or not, they can benefit from additional support by MEFA.

Please make sure every family in your school knows about On, families can sign up for emails, find other seminars in the area, view a recorded webinar, and find all of the information and resources they need to navigate the college planning process, including calculators, videos, and timelines. Adding to your website and providing the link in upcoming newsletters or emails to families is a great way to get the word out.

Provide Feedback

Please complete the seminar evaluation that we will send to you after your MEFA seminar. Your candid feedback helps us assess and improve the seminars we offer and the services we provide to communities across Massachusetts.

Stay in Touch

Let us know throughout the year if there are any other ways that MEFA can be of assistance in supporting college access in your community. You can reach out to Shari Tozian with your comments, questions, and suggestions anytime at