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Learn about MEFA's U.Fund Massachusetts 529 Plan 




MEFA’s U.Fund, the Massachusetts 529 college savings plan, combines significant tax advantages and age-based savings strategies managed professionally by Fidelity Investments program manager of the U.Fund. A 529 college savings plan lets you save for higher education expenses at colleges and universities across the country, with flexible and affordable savings options. 




Why is the U.Fund 529 college savings plan a smart choice? 


It’s simple.
You can choose an aged-based strategy that are portfolios that are managed according to the age of the beneficiary or you can also tailor your strategy based on your risk tolerance, or customize your U.Fund account by choosing your own portfolios. 


It’s flexible.
Use the money in your U.Fund college savings account at any accredited college or university in the United States and some eligible foreign institutions. Your 529 savings can be applied to a wide range of qualified education expenses, not just tuition and fees. If one child doesn’t use the money, you can change the beneficiary to another eligible family member of the original beneficiary. 


It’s affordable.
There’s no annual account fee, no income restrictions, and you can start saving with as little as $15 a month. Contributions can be made automatically from your bank account. 


It’s tax-advantaged.
You don’t pay taxes on any earnings in your U.Fund 529 savings account as it grows. When you withdraw money to pay for qualified higher education expenses – like tuition, fees, room and board, books, and more – you don’t pay federal or Massachusetts state income tax. 



How Does a 529 College Savings Plan Work 


Open a U.Fund account with only $50. If you set up automatic monthly payments, you can contribute as little as $15 a month with no initial investment. 

Ready to get started? 

Visit Fidelity Investments to open an account and start saving today. If you have questions, view  Fidelity's FAQ's. 






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The U.Fund Start U. Reading is a state wide youth literacy initiative that visits libraries and community centers throughout the state. 


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