MEFA 529 student loans for college

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Loan Accounts 


Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) processes your MEFA loan application, and manages your loan account during repayment. 

  • Login to complete your existing loan application or to check your application status. 
  • Apply online and get an instant credit decision. 
  • Make a loan payment, check the status of your account, and verify financial data such as your balance, payment history, payoff amount, and interest information.  Check your account now. 
  • Receive an email notification when your Stafford student loan payment is processed if we have your email address on file.  Make sure we have your current email address. 
  • Contact ACS. 
    • ACS/MEFA Loan Originations: 800.266.0243 
    • ACS/MEFA Specialized Servicing: 800.397.8386 



U.Fund Accounts 


Fidelity Investments manages MEFA’s U.Fund College Investing Plan accounts.  Visit Fidelity’s Web site to: 

  • Open a U.Fund College Investing Plan account or request more information 
  • Instant message a Fidelity representative 
  • Find an investor center 



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