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After thirty years, MEFA is still doing exactly what it was created to do – helping to make higher education more accessible and affordable for Massachusetts students and families.  As the college financing expert, we are committed to providing you resources and tools as you work with college students throughout the Commonwealth.    







In line with our Community Outreach efforts, MEFA is committed to providing training and resources for our college and university colleagues throughout the Commonwealth. RSVP for our upcoming training: 


2013 MEFA Financial Aid Training for College Admissions Counselors – August 28, 2013 at College of the Holy Cross 


See below for handouts and tools from recent trainings. 


MEFA Loan Application Process Webinar Training for College Administrators – June 20, 2013 

Webinar Recording: 

MEFA Loan Application Process 


Financial Aid Training for Admissions Counselors – August 29, 2012 


Financial Aid 101: Key Concepts Every Admissions Counselor Needs to Know 

College Financing Strategies: Resources to Help Families Pay the Bill 



Resource Directory for Higher Education Professionals 

Financial Aid Shopping Sheet 


Articles of Note: 

College Graduates Lead National Job Growth Recovery, New Georgetown Study Finds 

College Costs: New Research Weighs the True Value of a College Education 

Use the Shopping Sheet to Understand College Costs 




Plan, Save, Pay 


MEFA continues to serve as Massachusetts’ expert in Planning, Saving and Paying for college. 



Over the past year, MEFA reached over 20,000 families at over 500 seminars across the state, educating students and parents on early college planning, college admissions and college financing. Contact us if you’re interested in hearing more about serving as a volunteer presenter to speak to families at high schools in your community. 


The U.Plan, MEFA’s Prepaid Tuition Program, and the U.Fund, Massachusetts’ 529 college savings plan, allow families to save easily and wisely for higher education expenses. 


The flagship fixed interest rate MEFA Loan remains one of the most affordable college financing options available for undergraduate and graduate students. 



Access MEFA's Loan Status Report, up-to-date MEFA Loan information.
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MEFA’s Application and Solicitation Disclosures and Self-Certification form.  


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MEFA's Guide to Understanding Financial Aid. 


The Financial Aid Process PDF



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Find out how we’re helping families plan, save, and pay for college in your neighborhood. 

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