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MEFA — The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority is a not-for-profit quasi-public entity serving students and families in Massachusetts and out-of-state students and families pursuing higher education in Massachusetts.

MEFA’s mission is to increase access and college affordability across the Commonwealth through low-cost financing alternatives, college savings programs and educational financing expertise on planning, saving and paying for higher education.



Who We Are 


After thirty years, MEFA is still doing exactly what it was created to do – helping to make higher education more accessible and affordable for Massachusetts students and families. MEFA was created at the request of Massachusetts colleges and universities to help families plan, save and pay for college. 


MEFA offers community education programs, college savings plans and low-cost financing options. To date, we’ve issued approximately $4.4 billion in bonds and have assisted hundreds of thousands of families in financing a college education. 



What We Do 


MEFA resources can help make paying for college possible. We provide two college savings programs, affordable financing options including fixed interest rate loans, and extensive community outreach on saving and paying for college. 




With the U.Plan, families can lock in tomorrow’s tuition at today’s rates at 80 public and private colleges and universities in Massachusetts. 




MEFA’s U.Fund, the Massachusetts 529 college savings plan, combines significant tax advantages and age-based savings strategies managed professionally by Fidelity Investments program manager of the U.Fund. A 529 college savings plan lets you save for higher education expenses at colleges and universities across the country, with flexible and affordable savings options. 




Our low-cost loans assist families of undergraduate and graduate students from all states attending college in Massachusetts, as well as Massachusetts residents attending college in-state or out-of-state. 



Who We Help 


MEFA helps families plan and pay for college along every step of the way. Our programs and services are designed especially for Massachusetts residents and students. Anyone can save in the U.Plan or the U.Fund, whether or not you live in Massachusetts. MEFA Loans are available to Massachusetts residents attending college in-state or out-of-state, as well as students from across the U.S. pursuing higher education in Massachusetts.


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